MD Public Garden Consortium

Visit Maryland’s public gardens and discover hidden gems of the Free State. The gardens feature topiary, sculpture and colonial gardens, large and small cultivated pockets of horticultural delights, as well as forests and meadows celebrating Maryland’s native flora. History enthusiasts will enjoy wandering the grounds of historic homes, while birders and nature lovers will appreciate woodland trails through natural areas. Throughout the seasons, Maryland’s public gardens give families a beautiful and safe place to introduce children to the joys of nature and gardening. There is something for everyone!

This site is sponsored by the Maryland Public Garden Consortium (MPGC), a partnership of Maryland’s public gardens.

The Maryland Public Garden Consortium advocates for the support and recognition of Maryland’s public gardens as significant community resources. This collaborative alliance broadens visitation to public gardens through promotional and educational opportunities. The MPGC fosters professional partnerships and activities among its members and supporters.

Maryland Public Garden Consortium
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